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Having a wide range of experiences and approaches to therapy helps Maggie tailor her work with each client. While getting to her know her clients she will draw on evidenced based therapies and interventions from multiple areas such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person Centered Care, Strengths Based / Positive Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Interventions.



Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors, Hair Pulling, Skin Picking

Often behaviors such as nail biting or hair plucking go unaddressed and unshared in part due to the feelings of shame and anxiety that individuals can have about the behaviors. These behaviors may provide a brief relief or have been present for years. However, they can be addressed and modified in therapy with Habit Reversal Training techniques in order to find alternative coping skills, restore feelings of well-being, and feel more at ease in one's own body.


Intrusive thoguhts about Morality, Contamination, Relationship, Causing Harm, etc.

Maggie is trained in research based Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy which is the best treatment for OCD based on research evidence. Following the therapy model, an individual would expect to complete the therapy in about 20 sessions and find management of symptoms and regained freedom from time consuming compulsions. 


Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety, and Health Anxiety 

The overwhelming urge to run or hide, the heart racing and difficulty breathing... these are just some of the side effects of anxiety. Thinking of anxiety as a stress response allows us to better understand the protective nature of anxiety. Using coping skills and therapy can help return the anxiety response to a manageable level and lower the feelings of fear.



It can be hard to just get your foot in the door to start therapy with a new provider. Whether you are looking to brush up on past coping skills learned in therapy or are looking to start therapy for the first time, Maggie will work with you to make sessions non-judgmental and focused on understanding your areas of concern. 

Maggie offers a combination of skills based and processing based interventions to work through intense emotions and/or painful memories.

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